Mountains have been the main battleground for bike races for over one hundred years. Through every gruelling ascent and lightning quick descent, many a race has been won and lost on the hairpin bends.  

Ever since helicopters were introduced to televised road racing, the mountain stages have only become more interesting, with the landscape, terrain, scenery and stretching gaps between riders documented in brilliant detail. Add in to that drone footage and Instagram and a new breed of cycling porn has emerged: mountain porn. These are the accounts the show the best roads in epic detail, and these are out pick to follow.

1. @conquerthecols

 Furka Pass © Conquer the Cols

If you love dramatic scenery and ribbons of smooth tarmac zigzagging their way through green pastures or snow-strewn passes, this is the account for you. Conquer the Cols is seemingly dedicated to showcasing the most droolworthy hairpin roads that instantly make you want to hop on your bike and tackle them yourself.

 2. @epiccols

Col du Pré © Epic Cols

The team at Epic Cols scour the internet for the best roads to cycle or drive down across the world, filling your feed with everything from Chile's Portillo punisher to the Collada de Beixalís in Andorra. These aren't just pretty pictures, but they detail the length, altitude, gradient and more, so you can plan your ride with all the information required.

 3. @switchbacksaturdays

Passo San Boldo © Switchback Saturdays

Prefer your footage in video form? Switchback Saturdays is one to follow then, with their selection of reels filmed on the twists and turns of the finest mountains to wind your way up or down across the world, alongside stunning imagery too. There's nothing more tempting than seeing other cyclists' footage from these epic climbs, so it should come with a warning that you will be green with envy over every post.

 4. @switchbacknorway

Frafjord, Rogaland, Norway © Switchback Norway

If you've not considered a cycle trip to Norway, @switchbacknorway is here to convince you to book a ticket, stat. Think climbs carved between walls of snow, views over the fjords and mountain scenery that takes your breath away (literally, if you're trying to climb your way up one of these tempting roads). It's a fairly undiscovered part of Europe for cyclists, but Switchback Norway are here to put it on the map.


Cap de Formentor © Ride High

Let's be honest, the best climbs are in Europe and they're what make the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta d'Espana the most revered races in the world. Ride High, who operate as a cycling club in the Pyrenees, are here to prove it, with shot after shot of the most iconic roads that have made and broken many a GC contenders' hopes, dreams and spirit.

June 27, 2022