Are you a cycling enthusiast looking to buy the perfect t-shirt? Whether you are an old timer or a young go-getter, a die hard fan or just someone who loves the sport, this guide will help you find the perfect cycling tee. We'll go over different types of tees and what they mean, as well as giving advice on how to choose the right one for your needs. From classic designs to modern takes, there's something here for everyone. So let's get started and find that perfect cycling t-shirt!

For the low key cyclist

Forget about those in-your-face designs, the GC wheels t-shirt is all about understated style that any cyclist would appreciate. It's like wearing a low-key badge of honour that fellow cyclists can truly appreciate. Whether they're into road cycling, mountain biking, gravel or just love to cruise around town on their trusty two wheels, this t-shirt will make them feel like a true connoisseur. It's the kind of gift that says "I get you" without being too flashy.

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GC wheels t-shirt

Get me to the bar guy

Whats more pleasing than a post-ride alcoholic beverage? Not much. The Après Cycling t-shirt is for those who want to skip the cafe and head straight to the bar. We couldn't agree more. Negroni please.

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For the BBQ Dad

This one is for the dads out there grilling up some treats on the bbq. Beer in hand and a t-shirt which nods to his devotion of the bike race. This t-shirt pays homage to the first ever recorded bike race: Paris - Rouen which took place in 1869 and was 123km. It took the winner 10.4 hours to finish. Imagine that, eek.

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 Too fast too furious

Get your aero socks out for this one – the Flamme Rouge tee is the perfect gift for the serious amateur cyclist. The one who drools over their Strava ride data after a full gas ride ending with a sprint for good measure. Available in three t-shirt colours plus crews and caps. 

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For the 90s gravel guy

Anyone else notice the 90s are back? This t-shirt is for the discerning trend-focused cycling fan. Every year we launch a t-shirt which pays homage to each stage of the Tour de France and pair the region with a wine. The design is always music-inspired, specifically classic band tees. This year we paired the tour's wine with Nirvana and possibly one of the most iconic band t-shirts of all time. The Never Mind tour tee.

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For the grand tour obsessive

Looking for a t-shirt that screams "Grand Tour"? Look no further, my friend! We've got the perfect t-shirt to make you the envy the Sunday group ride. The Cycling Jersey t-shirt is designed with the utmost precision to showcase your love for those thrilling races. Whether it's the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, or Vuelta a España, we've got you covered (literally). The Jersey tee features the grand tour points, general classification and king of the mountain jerseys on the back with vintage General Classification logo on the front. What's your favourite jersey? 

But Cycling Jersey t-shirt


For the climbers

Let's be honest, we'd all take a bad day in the mountains over a good day in the office any day! This t-shirt is for the col hunting fanatics who love nothing more than long steady climbs with some spicy gradients. A must-have t-shirt for any capitalist hating climber. 

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 For the safety first friend

Looking for a present that screams how seriously you take safety on the bike, plus make you look ridiculously epic? Look no further! We've got just the t-shirt for all you safety-conscious riders out there. Introducing the "Cycling Proficiency" t-shirt – the ultimate tee for those who take cycling safety extra seriously. It's a nod to the iconic Cycling Proficiency course logo and comes in three different colour options plus tote bag and cap!

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For the smoker

Step back in time with the Smoker t-shirt, an ode to the rugged allure of Marlborough cigarettes. Crafted from premium cotton for unbeatable comfort, this tee exudes retro charm with its iconic Marlborough logo, reminiscent of the golden age of motor sport and news agents alike. Perfect for both casual wear and leisurely rides, this tee effortlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern style, making it a must-have for anyone who appreciates the timeless appeal of iconic brands. Embrace the spirit of adventure and nostalgia with our Vintage Cycling Tee and make a statement wherever you go.

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The General Classification Smoker T-Shirt 


October 13, 2023