Chalkpit Lane

Arguably the toughest climb in the Surrey Hills, Chalkpit Lane is a long one (for Surrey) at 1.6km averaging out at 10.6%. Things kick off in the green until you gradually hit the reds ending at a gruelling 13.7%.  The climbs snakes around in the shape of an S and is sheltered from the rain and wind by the trees and roadside banks.

Length: 1.6km | Average Gradient: 10.6% | Difficulty 8/10 | View in climb in Veloviewer.

Chalkpit Lane Climb Surrey

Leith Hill

Long and mellow is how i'd sum up this Surrey Hills Classic; Leith Hill. With an elevation of 133m over 2.1km in distance it's a slow burner. The climb starts when you turn off Ockley road and turn into Leith Hill lane. The gradients most fierce at 11.8km hitting a notable 11.8%, don't worry though, then end of the climbs eases off into the green where you'r rewarded with some pretty amazing views over the south downs and surrey.

Length: 2.1km | Average Gradient: 6.4% | Difficulty 5/10 |  View Climb in Veloviewer.

Box Hill

Famous for featuring in the London 2012 Olympic road race, and consequently the best known climb in Surrey or for that matter the whole of Britain, you'd be forgiven to think it's a monster of a climb. It's actually very mellow and generally quite nice. The tarmac is perfect and the views over the Southdown's and surrey are the best you'll find. The decent on the other end (if your looping around) isn't half as nice so we recommend switching back and descending the same way you came up.

Length: 4.2km | Average Gradient: 4% | Difficulty 5/10 |  View climb in Veloviewer. 

Box hill climb

Barhatch Lane

Barhatch is arguably one of the toughest climbs in the Surrey Hills. It has a maximum gradient of 16.9% which is harshly served up towards the end of the climb. It's fairly long too at 2.5km and is cruelly straight, so you'll be staring at the tarmac ahead wondering when it flattens out for the whole time. Joy. 

Length: 2.5km | Average Gradient: 5.9% | Difficulty 8/10 | View climb in Veloviewer.

Crocknorth Road

Crocknorth Road is a 0.8km long hill climb in the classic Surrey hills, with an average gradient of 9% and a maximum gradient of 17%. It is one of the most popular hill climbs in the area, and has been used in a number of local and national events. The road starts at the bottom of a steep valley, and winds its way up to the top of the hill, where there are stunning views of the surrounding countryside. There are a number of hairpin bends, and the surface is generally good. Crocknorth Road is a popular challenge for cyclists, and is a great way to test your fitness and climbing ability. If you are looking for a tough hill climb, then Crocknorth Road is definitely worth a try!

Length: 0.8km | Average Gradient: 9% | Difficulty 7/10 | View climb in Veloviewer.

October 09, 2020