About The General Classification

The General Classification was born in London during the summer of 2020. With a passion for road cycling and a reverence for the race, we aim to create exceptional, 'casual kit for the fanatics on the side of the road.' We focus on four elements; sourcing, design, sustainability and made-to-order. Together, these are what make us unique.

Sourcing 👕

For small, independent brands like ourselves it’s almost impossible to come up with the minimums to create our own blocks for clothing, whether that’s tees, hoods, jeans or jackets. So instead, we spend a large amount of time sourcing the best garments in the world to use.

Design 🎨

Design is at the heart of The General Classification; the designs are a love letter to the folklore of pro cycling and everything that comes with it, but, most importantly it’s inspired by the fanatics on the side of the road. The fans make the sport what it is, whether that’s the chaos of ‘Beefeater Bend’ or the gentle clap of the inquisitive watchers as the race passes their home town. 

Sustainability ♻️

We try where possible to use sustainable products, as well as eco-friendly inks and embroidery techniques. We also try to use as much sustainable packaging materials as possible. Additionally we provide Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders If you have any questions regarding sustainability, please contact us.

Made to order 🧵

Most of our designs are made-to-order. We don’t want to commit to large print runs that ultimately end up in the sale or destroyed; we believe this isn’t a sustainable model and only adds to the uncomfortable situation fast fashion has found itself in.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, would like to work with us, or just want to tell us how we are cycling, get in touch!