In terms of team kits, 2024 hasn't really provided anything we would class as stand out or groundbreaking. That said, there have been some nice upgrades on previous seasons' kits. Team colours haven't really changed nor have the sponsors (exception: Ineos). So here goes our top 5 favourite world tour cycling kits in no particular order.

1. Uno-X Mobility

No fades, no gradients, no tonal shapes floating around in the background, just good solid colour combinations and blocks. Additionally and importantly, sponsors' logos are minimal. Usually red and black as a colour combination is a big no from us but the yellow removes us from this situation nicely.
Image: Uno-X Mobility

2. UAE Team ADQ

Contrary to our comments on fades and gradients on the Uno-X kit, this kit really is amazing. It is reminiscent of tie-dye and we're glad to see even the Emirates flag has got involved. It may not be a million miles away from the 2023 kit, but why fix it if it isn't broken? Again, it's nice to see the shorts haven't been invited to the tie-dye party and have kept a muted black. The helmets are nice too with the gradient colours striking through the shields.
Image: UAE Team ADQ

3. Lidl-Trek

We're huge fans of Lidl here and think this kit is class. It definitely has a go big or go home vibe. We can imagine that Lidl were quite clear about domination on the branding front. We've got our eyes on the middle of Lidl for the clearance bargain on this kit. 
Image: Lidl-Trek

4. EF Education-EasyPost

It would be hard not to include EF in this list as year after year they come through with amazing designs, plus they always put in continued efforts when it comes to implementing interesting 'change-out' kits for the grand tours. However it's the world champ kits that really get us buzzing. This includes Ben Healy's Ireland kit, Richard Carapaz's Ecuador kit and Alison Jackson's Canadian kit.
Image: EF Education-EasyPost

5. Canyon-SRAM

Much like the UAE Team ADQ kit, this one just hits perfectly. All the colours are great including the navy blue bib tights and shorts. What also helps is the team's swagger and panache which is the cherry on the kit cake. 10/10
Image: Canyon-SRAM
June 16, 2024